Diverse Uses of Sari

A normal sari will have a length of five yards (which will be roughly 4.57 meters) and the breadth will be somewhere in the region of 4 ft (1.20 meters); in brief, the overall shape will be that of a lengthy rectangle! This cloth is swathed over the waist with one end going up, covering the shoulder.


This dress material can be utilized for varied purposes, apart from the body covering function. We mention below some of the diverse uses of sarees, of course with the related images, so that it can be easily grasped by you. As a matter of fact, this will be helpful to you.
  • Create Attractive Pillow/Bolster Cases & Bedsheets

Make use of the old stuff (including the base material, as well as the border strips) to create eye-catching pillow and bolster cases. You can also design beautiful bedsheets from old soft sari materials! Just apply your own imagination, by taking into account the pattern work of the sari and then cut and join; try to give attractive borders to make the stuff shine. Creating bed skirts is yet another feasible option for utilizing old sari material.

  • Bags

Different types of multipurpose bags can be created by using old sarees. You can also stitch up small wallets from such stuffs. For making this possible, you just need a bit of creative thinking that is required to design the product and the patience to work it out.




  • Chair Seat Covers

Pick stylish looking old sari material to create neat and elegant chair seat covers.


  • Curtains


Almost all sari items (except for certain hard or shaded ones) can be used to fashion out excellent curtains for windows and doors. Such creatively created stuffs can be used to give your balcony a real face-lift! Even if you hang it just like that on the curtain rods, doors will get a classic style! But remember, you must use the correct stuff and here also, your insight and vision has a good role to play!




  • Throws & Quilts

  • You can also create attractive multi-colored throws and quilts by using old sari materials; this will not only brighten up the appearance of your living room furniture, but also will give you added comfiness! However, try to use different colored sarees for this and for sure, this will bring in more charm within the room!





    • Bed Canopy

    Bed Canopies add extra cuteness to the bed. Weightless and soft sarees, especially, mesh and cotton stuffs are the best ones to create such stuffs. This will produce an authentic classic effect!




    • Sarongs

    Good old sarees can be used as sarongs; for this, cotton or chiffon materials are the best.




    • Salwar-Kameez

    Old sarees can be used to design Salwar-Kameez (which is an ethnic Indian dress form); certainly the product will look attractive.




    • Pants

    Stylish pants can be created from good quality old sarees and these can be worn with matching tops.


    • Skirts & Short Kurtis and Similar Clothes

    Different types of dress materials including kid’s skirts, miniskirts, dresses or just wraparound dresses can be produced from old sari materials. Similarly, it will be easy to make matching Kurtis for Jeans. However, you must apply good imagination, excellent judgment power to pick proper sarees and you must also have strong penchant and determination to create new designs.


    • Jackets


    Quality old sarees are also good to produce appliqué work jackets that will fill the bill for wearing during special functions such as outdoor parties.


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