Patola Sarees – A Royal Habit from India



‘Patola’ is an offshoot form of the Sanskrit word ‘PATAKULLA’ and stands for quality and long-lasting nature.





‘Patola’ handwoven sarees are produced from Patan District (Gujarat) and are created precisely in accordance with the customary standards and by applying the ‘Ikat’ dyeing technique.


It was Salvis (a caste within Jains) who started the production of ‘Patola’ sarees in India and this was in the 12th century. Today, only one family manufactures conventional ‘Patola’ creation. That being said, ‘Patola’ sarees have already become the epitome of sophistication and societal rank. An interesting matter to note here is that, ‘Patola’ sarees are part for the course of the present dowry system of Gujarati ladies.


Moreover, as the richness and charisma of Patola sarees have greatly satiated the penchant of Indonesian and Burmese (the present Myanmar) females; hence, this brand sarees are also exported to these countries currently.


Patola Technique


In the creation of ‘Patola’ brand, the ‘warp & weft’ weaving method is applied for the process of hand-weaving from silk. Threads are perfectly swathed so that the dye patterns are not disfigured, and this process is redone while adding different colors. However, in ‘double Ikat’ Patolas, both ‘wrap and weft’ are dyed before the weaving process.



Recognizing Patola


You can easily pick out ‘Patola’ sarees due to their distinctive designs and the applied color patterns. Normally, fascinating designs like ‘flowers’, various ‘dance forms’, ‘elephants’, ‘parrots’, ‘geometrical designs’, etc are given. Both sides of ‘Patola’ sarees will seem similar, because, perfectly identical works are done on each side. Consequently, both sides of ‘Patola’ sarees can be used.


While buying a ‘Patola’ saree you should discern the distinctive feature of the crisscross ‘Ikat’ pattern; the white thread portion will be clearly perceptible. In some cases you will see that the ‘Ikat’ pattern is dyed rather than woven. Bear in mind, such dyed ‘Patolas’ are not genuine and hence, you must not buy them.


Visit Sanskriti website; you can very clearly see the weaving pattern and the close range images of ‘Ikat’ design.


Patola types


There are two kinds of ‘Patola Saris’; ‘Patan Patola’ and ‘Rajkot Patola’


‘Patan Patola’ - This is more conventional and it is ‘double Ikat’; but the item is pricier.


The distinctive feature of ‘Double Ikat’ is that it bears identical designs on both sides, and this enables the user to wear it using both sides.



Double ikat (vertical & horizontal weaving)


‘Rajkot Patola’ - This one is a modern version ‘Patola’ and it is only single ‘Ikat’. This one is economical when compared with ‘Patan Patola’ and will go well with the strength of an average wallet.



Single Ikat (vertical- one way weaving)


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