Baluchari - Gift of Bengal ( Eastern India)


'Baluchari' is the root word from which the tag ‘Baluchari Saree’ cropped up; 'Baluchari' means the sandy border side of rivers.




The place from where the conventionalBaluchari Sarees’ are created nowadays is ‘Murshidabad’ (a District in West Bengal – India). In fact, the origination point of ‘Baluchari Sarees’ was ‘Baluchar’, the cute little village that lies on the ‘Bagirathi Riverside’ and the period was approximately 200 years ago! That is why the brand even now bears the name ‘Baluchari Sarees’. This classic weaving style got the espousal of the Bengal Nawab, Murshidkuli Khan during the 18th century. Subsequently, during the initial phase of the 20th century, the typical weaving practice of ‘Baluchari’ was perked up by Subho Thakur, who himself was a well-known artist.




Baluchari Method


Murshidabad Silk’, which is famous for its fine texture is used for the creation of ‘Baluchari Saree’. After the initial process of dyeing (which is done thread by thread), the silk threads are inserted into the looms. The desired designs are interlaced using the ‘punch cards’ which are suspended from the loom’s top portion. Punch cards are cardboard pieces that have rectangular shape and with numerous holes that are created in accordance with the desired design. The dyed threads go through these openings and thus exact designs are created.   




Attributes of Baluchari


The superb looking ‘Pallus’ and the decorative ‘Borders’ are the unique features of ‘Baluchari Sarees’. The images are created in lines and patterns, and the diagonal weaving method is applied here. Generally ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, ‘Green’, ‘Yellow’, and ‘White’ colors are used for this. The usual topics discussed in the ‘Baluchari’ designs are the legendary ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayana’ stories. The designs are made more attractive by mixing diverse topics including ‘Flowers’, ‘Human Images’, ‘Animals’, ‘Architectural Splendors’, ‘Palanquin Brides’, ‘Marriage Functions’, etc.




Visit Sanskriti website; you can very clearly see the weaving pattern and the close range images of ‘Baluchari Sarees’.


Attractive Facts of ‘Baluchari Sarees’

  • Baluchari Sarees’ were an essential part of the valued possessions of the elite Bengali women, because of the superb ‘Pallus’, fascinating ‘Corner Designs’, and the distinctively created ‘Decorative Borders’.

  • A single ‘Baluchari Saree’ may contain the full story of ‘Mahabharata’, woven in the ‘Pallu’ and ‘Border’!

  • The Bengali Zamindar women take pleasure in wearing this brand saree during various celebrations including marriages and festivals.

  • It will take 20 to 25 days to create an elaborately designed ‘Baluchari Saree’.









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