Care Instructions for Silks

It's recommended to dry clean vintage fabrics, this helps them preserve for longer and maintains lusture. But, you can also handwash them at home. Follow the below steps:

  1. Add baby shampoo in 1/4th bucket of water. Use regular or cold water only.
  2. Pleat the saree/dupatta and dip it multiple times in the bucket.
  3. Rinse with plain water in the pleated form.
  4. Squeeze gently and air dry.
Regularly 'air' your fabrics to avoid any smell to build up. Spread them open on a clothing line under the sun, for a couple of hours. This also helps remove any smell they already have. If the smell is very strong opt dry cleaning.

If the fabric feels rough/stiff -- give it a mild white vinegar bath. Add 1 cup of it to the rinse cycle.

Vinegar wash is also helpful if the fabric is bleeding color. Or, you can add one-half cup salt to the wash then rinse with plain water.