Our Commitment to Giving Back

At Sanskriti India, we believe that success should be measured not just by profit margins, but by the positive impact we make on our community. As a small business, we understand the unique role we play in giving back to society, and it's a responsibility we embrace wholeheartedly.

We may not have the budget of a large corporation, but we have something equally valuable – a genuine desire to make a difference. We regularly contribute to causes that matter to us and our community. Whether it's donating to local charities, supporting schools, or helping solve the water crisis, every contribution counts. And we do this with the help of a prestigious non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization 'Art of Living'.

We understand that our customers share our values, and together, we can amplify our impact. Through this platform we are offering details of the NPO which will help our customers in this giving-back initiative. Our customers can connect with the Art of Living organization and help in various social causes.

Visit this link to donate: https://online.vvmvp.org/home/donate