We at Sanskriti Vintage cater to wide range of global clients, some of which require bulk order. To make every step simpler and transparent, we keep a close contact with our buyers to ascertain best quality is delivered. Here is who we make sure that our customers get the best quality and service.




Step 1

Share your Idea/Design

a. Send us your requirement. You can send a sample or a picture or a design sketch
b. We get on a phone/video chat to nail down our understanding of your vision
c. We tell you the approximate fabric and the stitching charges for the sample and final production

Step 2

Fabric Selection

Select the fabric for your sample. You can use any of our stores on eBay, Etsy or Website.

Step 3

Sample Making

Our designers and workmen get the sample prepared. The sample is sent and/or shared with you on video call for your approval.

Step 4

Approval & Production

Once approved, we can move to production. You can select larger selection of fabrics and confirm the required quantities

Please note: We will be charging you for sample making. That is for fabric, stitching and shipping (if required) 

Step 5

Shipping the Order

We prepare the final order and ship!

At all times, you will be connected with our design team and an assigned manager who will be available in India hours for video/phone calls.


Behind the Scene

There's a lot that goes behind creating a perfect order for your business. If words aren't enough, let us show and take you through our journey.