You can Use Dupatta for Varied Purposes

Dupatta’ is basically an Indian dress; it’s a lengthy piece of cloth (the length will be generally six to nine feet) and is usually worn above the garments like ‘salwar-kameez’ and ‘ghaghra-choli’.According to the customary practice it is worn crossways, from one shoulder to the other, or as a neckerchief, or as sarongs. In addition to the customary usage, ‘dupattas’ can also be used for different purposes; you can use the material for varied occasions, depending on your precise requirement.

Some of the creative ways of using ‘dupatta’ are described here (with relevant images), which will show you the handy nature of a ‘dupatta’.

1. Dupattas – For Bringing in More Splendor to Bridal dress

You can make use of ‘dupattas’ to bring in extra cuteness to the bridal dress; just apply creative imagination to form a blended wedding dress! Dupattas will also go well with ‘Lehenga’, one of the popular Indian bridal dresses.




2. Bandanas & Hijabs

You can fashion out fashionable ‘neckerchief’, ‘bandanas’ and ‘hijabs’ by making use of attractive dupattas. This will certainly add more charm to your dressing pattern!



3. Scarfs & Sarongs

You can spice up the overall style of your costume by wearing scarfs that are made using dupattas! There is another innovative way to use dupattas; you can wear good quality dupattas (printed, or attractively colored) as sarongs.



4. Dupatta – Best for Home Decorations

Generally almost all dupattas will have flamboyant appearance, because, they are created using vivid and gaudy colors, and the materials will be soft or downy. You can use such stuffs to decorate the interior areas such as the patio, balcony, garden space, etc. Dupattas can be used even to make flashy window blinds!




5. Create Wonderful Table Cloths & Table Mats

Dupattas are useful for creating impressive table cloths and table mats. You can also use the border decorations of the dupatta for embellishing the borders of these table sheets




6. Use Dupatta as a Wall Decorative

Dupattas that have vivid and alluring colors or pleasing patterns are perfect materials to make wall decorative pieces. Such stuffs will add more cuteness even to old and faded walls.






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